Complaints and Appeals

  • Upon receipt of a complaint or appeal, Australian QC confirms whether the complaint or appeal relates to certification activities for which it is responsible and, if so, addresses it within 15 days.
  • Australian QC acknowledges receipt of a formal complaint or appeal.
  • Australian QC is responsible for gathering and verifying all necessary information (as far as possible) to progress the complaint or appeal to a decision.
  • The decision resolving the complaint or appeal is made by, or reviewed and approved by, the person(s) not involved in the certification activities related to the complaint or appeal.
  • To ensure that there is no conflict of interest, personnel (including those acting in a managerial capacity) who have provided consultancy for a client, or been employed by a client, is not used by Australian QC to review or approve the resolution of a complaint or appeal for that client within two years following the end of the consultancy or employment.
  • Whenever possible, Australian QC gives formal notice of the outcome and the end of the complaint process to the complainant.
  • Australian QC gives formal notice of the outcome and the end of the appeal process to the appellant.
  • Australian QC takes any subsequent action needed to resolve the complaint or appeal.
  • You are ‘advised that it is your right to: ‘where a complainant is dissatisfied with the Australian QC complaints handling process, you may refer the complaint directly to JAS-ANZ.
  • Complain Procedure: Please get in touch with the Meem Ahmed, the Admin Manager, who is responsible for receiving complaints from clients / other interested parties.
    If the complaint /appeal relates to the admin manager or managing directors, don’t hesitate to contact Bilisuma Adem, the chairman of the impartiality committee, at and T: 1800 879 242, 03 8368 2159.

Impartiality Policy Statement

Australian QC and its managers, Staff and Subcontractors fully understand the importance of impartiality in undertaking its Certification or Verification Activities. Australian QC will therefore ensure that in all its dealings with clients or potential clients, all employees or other personnel are and will remain impartial. To ensure that impartiality is both maintained and can be demonstrated, the following principles have been established;

  • Australian QC Certifications/Verifications are only recommended to NDIS Commission for approval following a review by an independent authorized and competent management team member (who has not been involved in the evaluation) to ensure that no interest shall predominate.
  • Australian QC does not offer (and has never offered) consultancy or any other form of consultancy to companies or individuals.
  • Australian QC does not offer (and has never offered) an internal audit service to its certified clients.
  • Australian QC does not own or have any interest (financial or otherwise) in any other company that offers certification or related consultancy services.
  • Individuals employed by or otherwise contracted to Australian QC must document and record their current and past relationships with all companies. Any situation past or present which may present a potential conflict of interest is required by Australian QC to be declared. Australian QC will use the information to identify any threats to impartiality and will not use that individual in any capacity unless they can demonstrate that there is no conflict of interest.
  • Australian QC will not allocate a member of staff or subcontractor to an evaluation where any past relationship has existed. Exceptionally and at the discretion of the Scheme Manager or Directors an individual or subcontractor may be allocated to an evaluation where a past relationship has existed but there has been no relationship for a minimum of 2 years.

Confidentiality Policy Statement

  • Australian QC will adhere to the requirements of the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth), Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (Cth) or equivalent Work Health & Safety legislation in the jurisdiction of the NDIS provider, and all other relevant legislation or regulations where applicable.
  • Australian QC is responsible, through legally enforceable commitments, for the management of all information obtained or created during the performance of certification activities. Except for information that the client makes publicly available, or when agreed between Australian QC and the client (e.g. for the purpose of responding to complaints), all other information is considered proprietary information and regarded as confidential. Australian QC informs the client, in advance, of the information it intends to place in the public domain.
  • When Australian QC is required by law or authorized by contractual arrangements to release confidential information, the client or person concerned, unless prohibited by law, is notified of the information In such cases, the client is informed through email / written letter.
  • Information about the client obtained from sources other than the client (e.g. from the complainant or from regulators) is treated as confidential.

Feedback / Complaints / Subject Access Requests / Contact

You can direct any questions or complaints about using or disclosing your personal information to the contact information below.

If you wish to make a Subject Access Request to inform us of a change or correction to your personal information, request a copy of the information we collect on you, request deletion of your information or would like to restrict the further processing of your data, please email to We will respond to these requests within the period the applicable jurisdiction requires.

Similarly, if you have any enquiries, comments, or complaints about this Notice or our handling of your personal information, please contact us at and T: 1800 879 242, 03 8368 2159, and we will respond as soon as practicable.

Financial Support

  • Australian QC is currently financially stable; however, in case of unforeseen circumstances, such as uncertainty during COVID-19. The shareholders shall provide financial support to the Company if the business requires additional financial support.
  • Australian QC’s source of income is Quality Management System Auditing schemes such as NDIS auditing, FAMI QS auditing et al.
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